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WHAT: An evocative 90 minute intuitive and creative session that gives you or your team a visceral identification of how their subconscious is inexhaustibly sabotaging their efforts by seeking validation for the way the world is and they are in it. Rather than being happy creating from the positioning of what it is they would love to create.

BENEFITS: Consternation identification. Talent maximization. Tap into your particular zone of "true creativity" at will.

Learn the use of intuition to be guided down creative paths.

Get out of your way enough to unleash that torrent of genuine material is satisfying in ways you can't even imagine.

WHY: Throughout history, our most prolific artists exclaimed that the creation "just came through them". You can't be in genius if you're in your head and operating only from what one already knows? It's just a regurgitation of your past born of seeking validation.

Genius is born from accessing the unknown or "The dance floor of the Gods" as I call it. I give you help to unlock that door.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Project assessment, Production oversight, Casting insight, Individual performer assistance, Organizational ethos adoption, Team optimization, Identify any structural "cancer" in the organization limiting success.

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