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Energetic 20 and 60 minute keynotes to entertain your audiences with the essence of how to create what looks like luck and how self help is a waste of time unless one understands it.

No hype, hoopla or bullshit. Just simple fundamentals that can profoundly alter you or your organizations struggles.

Each address has now become experiential in nature (eyes get pretty wide when one experiences magic for themselves) and specifically tailored to the companies, industries,, and organizations present.

If one considers for a moment that perhaps we are just energetic beings having a human experience. It's not hard to illuminate how we sabotage ourselves when asked the right questions.

To see how we would rather be right about the way we see the world and the struggle that creates than just happy having what we would love and it being easy.

My own experience has taught me to be a slave to what serves the highest good. Sometimes that is hard to hear but it always ends up serving. Often in ways no-one could have imagined. Because of this I will now never edit what I get serves - It has saved lives more than once.

My task in delivering any address is to illuminate at the folly and give the audience a visceral experience that they will never forget.

The upside to the organization is in some cases beyond fathom.

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