A team’s ability to perform under pressure is what wins and loses championships.

You can train an athlete as hard as is humanly possible, but their nervous system will react exactly how it wants — the same way — every time it comes under pressure.

You have to train the nervous system very specifically to react differently.

The Luck Bubble process applies a controlled stress to the athletes and the team as a whole, to highlight their particular default response under pressure. Only then can we improve their ability to perform their best work, comfortably under stress.

This is where Champions are forged.

For Athletes: We improve their “Performance Character” - not just in the game, but in their lives.

For Teams: We improve the “Performance Culture,” by increasing the sum Performance Character of the players and staff.

For Organizations: We create a “Performance Culture Loop” where the status quo at the club becomes so instilled, that new players and staff can’t help but borrow character from the organization, until they can add to it with the development of their own. Thus, this adds to the momentum of the club’s Culture Loop over time.

This is the phenomena that we see in dynastic teams with a legacy of winning.

New Zealand’s All Blacks - The New England Patriots - Edmonton Oilers - Liverpool FC in the 80s - Queensland’s State of Origin Team - Chicago Bulls in the 90s, etc.

This is a trainable dynamic that I can show you.

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The Process

PRE: 30-minute briefing with all coaching staff.


SESSION 1ST HALF: Hands-on training session. Athletes are safely pushed physically, mentally and emotionally using elite military, and psychological tactics in order to illicit a stress response from their nervous system. This will glaringly reveal where the cracks are in the players, team and the organization as a whole.


SESSION 2ND HALF: An experience of multidimensional awareness that has all players in a state of flow and synchronization with each other like never before. 


POST: Translation of what the coaching staff have witnessed into leverage that can create momentum; session after session, week in and week out, season after season.


FOLLOW UP: Calls at 2 and 4 weeks after session as this is the time where the cancers tend to eject themselves out of the organization and shit starts to work out.


COMMON RESULTS & BY-PRODUCTS: The fabric of the organization strengthens. Cancers are exposed and ejected. Coaches’ jobs become easier and more enjoyable. Players have a roadmap to their particular “zone of flow” on tap. A greater team dynamic with less off-field drama i.e: a palpable shift in: morale, professionalism, discipline, courage, responsibility, effort, sensory acuity, self awareness, injury reduction, and talent maximization. 


Most importantly, the athletes have an experience of the character required to perform at their best on the field and in life.


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Ready to change your team's luck and dynamic forever? Click "Inquire Here" and we'll set up your initial 10-min call.

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